Exercises to shake you to your core

Deadlifts to work the core…


Compound movements – exercises that involve multiple joints and muscles – are vitally important and should be the foundation of any fitness routine.

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Rows
  • Presses

Why? Because not only do these exercises work the obvious muscles they relate to, they also contribute to developing the core.

Never compromise on the core

The core is a hot topic for any fitness enthusiast and its importance has made a general impact on the minds of most gym rats & gym bunnies. And quite right too, as the core is critical for stability and protection of our vital organs.

Yet it astounds me how so many people haven’t a clue how to achieve a strong core. Take sit-ups. How does putting your spine in a compromised position help build core strength, which is what happens when most people perform sit-ups? It doesn’t.

Why squatting, deadlifting and most compound movements help build the core is because it must remain stable for the other muscles and joints to perform the movement optimally.

Once you understand the biomechanics and role of the core, then it becomes clear what needs to be done. This is the reason why the plank is a great additional core builder; the aim is to maintain the neutrality of the spine, stability being the key in assisting in the development of core strength.

Compound returns

Most people want their gym time to be as efficient as possible, so don’t waste it with poor and inefficient exercise routines. When it comes to the core, forget sit-ups. Focus on compound movements for better results and get the maximum return from your time in the gym.

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          About the author

Alex is a registered Master Trainer and Nutritional Advisor with Level 4 qualifications in obesity and diabetes. He is also a strength specialist and a Ni Dan in Shotokan Karate.

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