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Welcome to the junction of food, exercise and rest for better health.

No Targets Just Routine® simplifies this complex and often confusing world to show how to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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High stress relief

     High stress relief. No matter how zen-like we may be, we can all suffer from stress. Yet just a few minutes can enable us to catch our breath by ‘resetting our breath’. Also called ‘box breathing’, this powerful relaxation technique returns breathing to its...

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Air pollution: can diet be a shield?

     Air pollution: can diet be a shield? Poor air quality features in so many lives, often posing a hidden risk to our health. So researchers at the NYU School of Medicine in New York investigated how adopting a Mediterranean diet might reduce the risk of...

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Sneaky sugars

     Sneaky sugars. Sugar is inherent in real food, so we are hardwired to enjoy sweet, sugary treats. However this desire has been exploited by the ready availability of processed sugary foods. Yet we can ween ourselves off the processed sweet stuff by making better...

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Feeling blue? Food choice and prep might help.

     Feeling blue? Food choice and prep might help. Everyone knows ‘five-a-day’ is good for our physical health, but researchers at the University of Otago have found a rainbow of raw fruit and vegetables may be better for your mental health than cooked, canned and...

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Pasta sauce: best to eat home cooked.

     Pasta sauce: best to eat home cooked. Who would have believed that pasta sauce would become one of the best examples of the difference between real food and processed food? Two years ago Big Food company Mars, concerned about the high levels of salt sugar and fat...

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Eating more protein can help protect our bones.

     Eating more protein can help protect our bones. As we age we all fear the damage that can be done by even a small accident or fall. They can easily lead to fractures, hip replacements, painful and inconvenient procedures we could all do without. Resistance...

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For vitamins and minerals – eat real food

     For vitamins and minerals - eat real food There are no health benefits from the most common vitamin and mineral supplements. This is the finding in a new study led by researchers at St. Michael's Hospital and the University of Toronto and published in the Journal...

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Diabetes and cancer risk?

     Diabetes type 1&2 increases cancer risk A global review involving almost 20 million people has shown that having diabetes significantly raises the risk of developing cancer, and for women the risk is even higher. Researchers from The George Institute for Global...

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Expanding waistline? Check your vitamin D levels.

     Expanding waistline? Check your vitamin D levels. A study from the Netherlands reveals that people with higher levels of belly fat and larger waistlines are more likely to have lower levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is a widespread problem, with more...

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The No Targets Trinity

#1 Eat Smart

Eat real foods. Supersize on fruit and vegetables. Include a generous amount of fibre, legumes and healthy fats in your routine nutrition as well as a daily probiotic. Switch to 100% whole grain carbohydrates. Keep protein lean and eat red meat in moderation. Take the time to read labels on highly processed food, but avoid if possible. Eat real foods instead. Give cooking a try, it can be fun. Don’t be afraid to allow yourself a small amount of food you crave – more than a taste, but less than a portion. Make eating real food Just Routine.

#2 Exercise Daily

Exercise regularly. Exercise is the silver bullet for a better quality of life. To be fit and healthy you need to move. There is no right or wrong type of exercise and no right or wrong time of day or time of life for exercise. Make exercise non-negotiable and alternate between exercises each time you work out. Lift weights at least twice a week to develop better control of your body. Make daily exercise Just Routine.

#3 Sleep Sound

Get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is vital for health and should never be overlooked in a healthy lifestyle. Daytime exercise and bright light exposure will promote a regular circadian rhythm for melatonin production, an important hormone necessary for a good night’s sleep and the only known antioxidant in nature that can protect all parts of a cell. Make sound sleep Just Routine.


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