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Sleep, mood and memory.

     Sleep, mood and memory.Often in life we forget just how interconnected everything is in our bodies. The impact of our routines is capable of either becoming a virtuous circle supporting our wellbeing or a vicious circle undermining our lives. A recent...

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Memory benefits of exercise.

     Memory benefits of exercise.A growing body of research suggests that regular participation in long-term exercise is associated with enhanced cognitive function. However, less is known about the beneficial effects of acute exercise on semantic memory....

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     How protein shakes might threaten health.Protein shakes are increasingly a common part of many people’s diets, whether to bulk up muscle or in some cases even to replace food rather than to supplement it. Yet new research from Australia suggests...

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Breast Cancer, cooking oil and fried food.

     Breast Cancer, cooking oil and fried food.Many people know what we eat has a bigger impact on our health than simply the calories consumed, but often we may forget that the preparation of the food can be just as important. Prepared the wrong way even...

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The hidden benefits of cherries!

     The hidden benefits of cherries! Powerhouses of goodness, there are two types of cherries, sweet and tart, with reports showing tart cherry juice concentrate with the highest antioxidant score of all other fruit or vegetable juices! What’s more, they are...

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The No Targets Trinity

#1 Eat Smart

Eat real foods. Supersize on fruit and vegetables. Include a generous amount of fibre, legumes and healthy fats in your routine nutrition as well as a daily probiotic. Switch to 100% whole grain carbohydrates. Keep protein lean and eat red meat in moderation. Take the time to read labels on highly processed food, but avoid if possible. Eat real foods instead. Give cooking a try, it can be fun. Don’t be afraid to allow yourself a small amount of food you crave – more than a taste, but less than a portion. Make eating real food Just Routine.

#2 Exercise Daily

Exercise regularly. Exercise is the silver bullet for a better quality of life. To be fit and healthy you need to move. There is no right or wrong type of exercise and no right or wrong time of day or time of life for exercise. Make exercise non-negotiable and alternate between exercises each time you work out. Lift weights at least twice a week to develop better control of your body. Make daily exercise Just Routine.

#3 Sleep Sound

Get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is vital for health and should never be overlooked in a healthy lifestyle. Daytime exercise and bright light exposure will promote a regular circadian rhythm for melatonin production, an important hormone necessary for a good night’s sleep and the only known antioxidant in nature that can protect all parts of a cell. Make sound sleep Just Routine.


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