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Quick weeknight meals: 10 top tips

Quick weeknight meals: 10 top tips

Are you time short but still keen to cook to improve eating habits? Quick and simple tips to serve a delicious home-cooked meal in under 20 minutes from Cara Rosenbloom, RD.

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Is the Med diet best for exercise?

     Is the Med diet best for exercise?The Mediterranean diet (Med diet) is well-established as having numerous health benefits, but now a study from Saint Louis University has found that eating a Mediterranean diet can improve athletes' endurance exercise...

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Sugary drinks linked to cancer growth.

     Sugary drinks linked to cancer growth.The contribution of sugary drinks to the rise of obesity is well established and has been studied in some depth, but while we know that obesity increases the risk of cancer, new research has looked at an even more...

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Vitamin K for bone health

     Vitamin K for bone health Vitamin K plays a key role in bone health, so as we age it’s a good idea to eat more food rich in it. From around our 35th birthday we start to lose bone density. Resistance training can help slow the process to avoid osteoporosis, where...

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Don’t just sit there!

     Don't just sit there!In Sitting comfortably? Time to move. we wrote about the health problems associated with too much sitting. Now research from Northern Ireland suggests spending large amounts of time sitting each day is linked to around 50,000...

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4 foods 4 heart health

     4 foods 4 heart health. So much of our health is about what we eat. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and "good fats" are all part of a heart-healthy diet, but there are some foods in particular that can help bring down cholesterol. Some are rich in...

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Can sugar increase anxiety?

     Can sugar increase anxiety?Yes! A review of the literature looking at the effects of diet on anxiety-related behaviour highlighted that foods high in fat and/or sugar, can affect behaviour in animal models, and may do the same in humans. However, more human...

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The No Targets Trinity

#1 Eat Smart

Eat real foods. Supersize on fruit and vegetables. Include a generous amount of fibre, legumes and healthy fats in your routine nutrition as well as a daily probiotic. Switch to 100% whole grain carbohydrates. Keep protein lean and eat red meat in moderation. Take the time to read labels on highly processed food, but avoid if possible. Eat real foods instead. Give cooking a try, it can be fun. Don’t be afraid to allow yourself a small amount of food you crave – more than a taste, but less than a portion. Make eating real food Just Routine.

#2 Exercise Daily

Exercise regularly. Exercise is the silver bullet for a better quality of life. To be fit and healthy you need to move. There is no right or wrong type of exercise and no right or wrong time of day or time of life for exercise. Make exercise non-negotiable and alternate between exercises each time you work out. Lift weights at least twice a week to develop better control of your body. Make daily exercise Just Routine.

#3 Sleep Sound

Get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is vital for health and should never be overlooked in a healthy lifestyle. Daytime exercise and bright light exposure will promote a regular circadian rhythm for melatonin production, an important hormone necessary for a good night’s sleep and the only known antioxidant in nature that can protect all parts of a cell. Make sound sleep Just Routine.


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