Go on, let yourself be nudged to better health


Can we nudge people into better food choices?

A study published in The Lancet last year suggested that doctors spending just 30 seconds telling patients they need to lose weight can have a big impact, with people who had no intention of shedding the pounds losing up to 10% of their body weight after being offered a free weight-loss programme.

Some 2,728 severely overweight people were involved in the trial, with all of them seeing their doctor for another health condition, when the GP said something along the lines of: “While you’re here, I just want to talk about your weight.”

Half of the patients were offered a free place on a weight-loss programme. Four in 10 turned up, but a quarter of patients offered a place still lost 5% of their original weight and around one-tenth lost 10% of their weight after a year. Overall, their weight loss averaged 2.4kg (5.3lb).

But the fifty percent of patients that were told they could do with losing weight, but were given NO support ALSO LOST WEIGHT! 1kg (2.2lb) after 12 months on the basis of a 30 second conversation.

Nudging and the power of suggestion

At the time I thought what if every GP did this? And how much better it would be if it could be followed up with some simple suggestions to help? I was already well into the development of Just Routine app, but the impact of the power of suggestion from such a short conversation with a doctor – such a little nudge – helped me to decide to include little daily notifications in the system.

♥ JR Food Bites

If you download Just Routine (just click here) and chose to sign up for them, these little daily eating tips pop-up on your Ipad or Iphone around 08.00 each morning, local time. Helping to spark mindfulness about your food they can help you eat your way to a more fun, active and longer life. Why? Because processed food is worse than you think – real food is better than you know.

Just Routine

Consuming good quality real food is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Mounting evidence suggests that eating plenty of fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains is as important for our mental health as our physical health. Never mind that these foods are an exceptional source of nutrition on a per calorie basis.

This does not mean that you need to give up the foods that provide pleasure, but are not nutritious. Instead try to lower the portion size of unhealthy foods and increase those of healthy foods.

This is important for overall wellness, but even more so during periods of stress and in the face of other non-controllable environmental factors.

The foundation of a healthy lifestyle is to find out what works for you. There are no hard and fast rules other than to ensure that you give your body as much of the right foods each day as you can.

One of our most important daily decisions is what to eat and Just Routine shows you how to make more of your real food choices.

Key features
  • Hundreds of recipes to explore
  • A Cookbook to save and share your favourite recipes, with photos and notes
  • Make memories of special meals and celebrations
  • Receive daily healthy eating tips
  • Browse the food categories, find the foods you love – add them to your favourites
  • Actively plan healthier real food meals
  • Use the diary to record and track progress toward better food choices
  • Create shopping lists to help make eating real food Just Routine

Go on, take a closer look by clicking here and let yourself to be nudged toward making better food choices.

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Iris is the founder of No Targets Just Routine. She has researched food since 2009 and believes “Happiness is real food shared with loved ones.”

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