Real food to boost the mood


We all want to look good and January is a peak time for people pinning their hopes on working toward achieving this through weight loss courtesy of calorie controlled diets. However, this can impact our health and can even risk our ability to achieve the ultimate aim, sustainable fat loss and weight management.

It can also play havoc with our mood at a time of year when we could do with a lift rather than wrestling with denial.

Start on a different path

Cast calories from your mind and stop worrying about weight loss for just a moment. Instead consider the case for eating more real food to achieve your goals.

One of the most important decisions we make each day is what to eat. Research suggests that eating real food – plenty of fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains – is a good place to start, especially at a time of year when we could do with lifting our mood, as this can be as important for our mental health as our physical health. When you also consider these foods are an exceptional source of nutrition on per calorie basis, it’s no wonder people can become excited by the possibilities once they give it a chance. So, take a chance today and start eating some real food.

Processed food is worse than you think, real food is better than you know

Just as excessive consumption of “junk food” and fad dieting can impact our mood and behaviour for the worse, weaken self-control and lead to more overeating, the mental and physical benefits of real food can also quickly accumulate. Real foods help both your physical health and mood – if only by helping you avoid an insulin spike invoking a ‘sugar downer’.

The beginning of a real food journey

January doesn’t need to be a ‘blue mood’ month. Open your mind to real food to help turn things around. As your taste buds adjust to real foods – foods loaded with nutrition – reducing the intake of unhealthy, empty calorie foods will also become easier. Remember, we do not need to give up on foods that may lack nutrition yet provide us with pleasure; simply lowering the proportion of them in our diet will make a significant difference. Interestingly, what tends to surprise people on this path is that over time their taste buds change, to the degree that they find themselves rejecting food to which they were once addicted.

Banish January blues

What we eat is critical to determining how we look and feel, our energy and our health, yet we are cocooned within a processed food system that provides and promotes the unhealthy with ease. This means it’s up to us to restore variety and balance in real food choices in our diets. The nutrients to look and feel good are simply waiting to be eaten. Make this January the moment to give them a try.


Make eating real food Just Routine

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Iris is the founder of No Targets Just Routine. She has researched food since 2009 and believes “Happiness is real food shared with loved ones.”

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