The Pain Pill, a solution to tight muscles?


Foam rolling is aiding thousands of gym users, but I wanted to find out if there was a better way to loosen tight muscles. Through my research I came across body tempering and the pain pill, but as there is limited science behind this method to date, I decided to try the pain pill for myself. Finally last weekend, having purchased one that was lost by UPS, a replacement arrived and I eventually got to test this new piece of training kit. The results more than made up for the wait and have encouraged me to share the experience.

The Pain Pill

As can be seen from the image above, this 20 kg torpedo shaped steel bar does have the look of a capsule – but the genius of calling it the pain pill goes way beyond a reflection of its shape. This device not only inflicts pain but relieves it through the application of body tempering.

Body tempering explained

Body tempering is the use of weight and compression to disperse tight muscles and tissues. The aim is to help restore normal range and movement to muscles and joints. The key lies in the weight of the device, crushing any adhesion in the muscle, doing so in a relatively short period of time.

Body tempering can be used prior to training to restore range of movement, or after to aid with recovery, as the process instigates a rush of new blood flow to the areas that are covered.

Spoiler alert! Expect this to hurt if you have flexibility and mobility issues.

The essence of the pain pill’s effectiveness lies in its simplicity; by harnessing the density of a 20 kg steel bar and simply rolling it over the body we can experience an intense deep tissue muscle massage. The pain pill can either be used to roll along a muscle (which is great for general muscle rejuvenation and alleviating tight fascia) or you can put its ‘head’ on trigger points around the body, to maximise the range of movement of joints.

A team effort

To use the pain pill to best effect you need a partner. It can be used like a steel foam roller – but a partner slowly rolling the pain pill across the back of your legs, glutes, back and shoulders is the ultimate experience, with the added benefit for the process feeling like a workout in itself.

So, on behalf of No Targets and myself, thanks to Donnie Thompson, who invented body tempering, and to Chris Duffin, creator of The Pain Pill. I cannot wait to measure mine and my clients progress by embracing this new wave of body management to minimise injuries while maximising performance.

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Alex is a registered Master Trainer and Nutritional Advisor with Level 4 qualifications in obesity and diabetes. He is also a strength specialist and a Ni Dan in Shotokan Karate.

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