Fantastic Fast Food


We are all busy, in a rush. Sometimes we just need to eat on the go.

But fast food needed mean junk food – we can have fast and healthy.

One problem with a lot of junk fast food is it’s white carbs: fast to eat, they are then just as fast to digest, causing a blood sugar spike and soon leaving us with a craving for more. So, when we need to eat fast, choosing something that will keep us satisfied, as it slows down the digestive pace, is the way to go. What’s more it’s easy, as so many real foods are ready-made to fill the fast food role.

Top tips when it comes to choosing of fast food:

  • Must be pre-packaged and portable
  • Easily eaten on the go
  • Must replenish our energy and keep us satisfied
  • Offer great value
Fantastic Fast Food

You can’t beat fruit and vegetables when it comes to the fast food stakes. Nature’s very own portable and pre-packaged produce, many are ready made to be eaten raw on the go. Highly versatile, you can also dip ‘em, slice ‘em, crunch ‘em or just cook them in endless ways.

Breakfast time:

Add fruits or berries to your porridge – or crunch an apple or pear on the way to work

If you are a ‘snacker’:

Keep dried fruit and nuts in your pocket or by your workstation, instead of sweets or chocolate


  • Bring raisins and fruit to the office in lunch bags
  • Order lettuce, cucumber and tomato on your sandwich – or try a salad or vegetable soup
  • Eat fruit for dessert – in the office or out a business lunch


  • Choose starters and main meals with vegetables included – like stews and stir-fries
  • Replace chips with salad
  • Or add extra veggies rather than expensive meat to your cooking
What are you waiting for?

These simple rules work very effectively to improve the proportion of fruit and vegetables in our regular diet, but in case of any misgivings let’s deal with a few common concerns:

“Vegetables take too long to prepare!’

  • Microwave vegetables
  • Use frozen pre-prepared
  • Buy pre-cut – some might even be prepared to pay for them sent to order

‘Fresh fruit and vegetables are so expensive!’

  • Buy what’s in season – it will be plentiful and cheaper
  • Buy canned (in natural, unsweetened juice) or frozen. Canned or frozen can be just as nutritious as fresh, indeed they may even retain their nutrients better than some fresh products, depending upon transit times.
  • Buy dried beans, lentils and pulses
  • To save money replace more expensive meats and snacks with fruit, vegetables or legumes

 ‘It’s boring to eat the same again and again!’

Try a new fruit or vegetable each week: Check out the fruit and vegetable database in the Just Routine App for ideas – or select meals from over hundreds of Just Routine recipes that incorporate a whole range of different items in delicious dishes for you to enjoy. There are some 100 different fruits and vegetables in the fresh section of many supermarkets as well as over 40 in the freezer and canned sections.

‘My fresh fruit and veg always go off before I get around to eating them!’

  • Buy only enough fresh fruit and vegetables for three or four days – or less when then the temperature climbs.
  • Store products (except bananas) in the fridge
Eat fast – digest slow

The most fantastic fast foods on the planet won’t disrupt our bodies or damage our health as well as being the most environmentally disposable – so lots of reasons to feel good about yourself.

Best of all, they taste great while doing you good. Stop wasting time and try them as fast as possible.

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