How to make food taste fabulous!

So, we want to cut down on processed food – ready meals, takeaways, home deliveries.

How are we going to make meals we want to eat?


Herbs, spices – generally referred to as seasonings – these are the secret to adding flavour and magic to the most mundane collection of vegetables. Banish bland – welcome delicious meals delivering the benefits of real food.

Salt is the best known; magnifying natural flavour, making food richer or more delicate, depending on the dish. Sea salt rubbed into chicken, lamb, and beef will tenderize the meat and improve flavour.

Other seasonings like black pepper and basil transfer some of their flavour to the food.

Basil is known as The King of Herbs and the core ingredient of one of the most famous sauces: Pesto. What’s more eugenol, one of Basil’s essential oils, has anti-inflammatory function which could aid in health issues, such as arthritis.

Ginger, spicy and aromatic, will add the flavour of Asia to stir-fries, as well as giving an extra taste twist to baking and many fruit and vegetable dishes. Great for helping lift spirits, for centuries it has been used to alleviate the symptoms of the common cold. As an added benefit, gingerols, the main component of ginger, may aid in inhibiting the growth of colorectal cancer cells, one of the most common cancers in the world for women and men.

The two stars of European flavourings and the Mediterranean diet must be olive oil and garlic.

Versatile and health enhancing, both olive oil and garlic are essential ingredients in any larder. Olive oil is ubiquitous for salads, while garlic may be added to soups, stews, salsa, sauces, salads and roasts – virtually limitless possibilities. In the process it may aid in lowering blood pressure and even help inhibit germs growth and reproduction in the body.

Other worthy mentions must go to vinegar, tarragon, lemons, paprika, curry and cayenne.

The timing of when seasonings are added will have an impact, but the fun is in experimenting. For a newcomer the thrill of turning a few chopped vegetables into a delicious meal is reward enough, while family and friends will be amazed at your new skills!

Make eating real food Just Routine

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