The ‘no-dieting’ approach to weight management.

There is a growing trend amongst registered dietitians and health professionals: instead of working on weight loss with their clients, the focus has switched to healthier eating patterns.

Many people are eagerly embracing this alternative approach to weight management. Tired of years of body shaming, counting calories and yo-yo dieting, this offers an eating strategy they can learn to live with, reducing stress and delivering sustainable results.

This ‘no-dieting’ approach is also better for health. Even small positive changes to what we eat can compound over time to bring much bigger health dividends. Reduction in consumption of unhealthy fats, excess sodium, and added sugars will lead to better health through improved bio-markers – blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood glucose, and inflammation levels.

Over time, the benefits of healthier eating can include improved mood, increased energy, and as a side-effect, rather than the sole focus, gradual weight loss. The trick is to find a better balance between healthier eating and occasional indulgences. For every person, this balance point will be different.

If you are stressing about weight loss, or just running out of patience with the whole calorie counting game, consider changing your focus for six months. Leave pure willpower behind – instead commit to long-term change and work on improving your eating habits.

Make eating real food Just Routine

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