Call them courgettes or zucchini – perfect for summer salads

In France they call them courgettes, in Italy, zucchini. One of those fruits we treat as a vegetable, they are perfect for summer salads. Their water content and soluble fibre make the meals more satisfying, helping us feel full, keeping us hydrated, aiding digestion and stabilising blood sugar and insulin levels. The dietary fibre can also help lower cholesterol.

Available in a variety of colours, mostly shades of green and yellow, this makes them fun to serve, while they are also incredibly versatile. Courgettes can be added to pasta sauces, casseroles and as fillings in sandwiches. Bake courgette halves with quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat couscous and other vegetables and serve with a home cooked tomato sauce. Or stir fry with garlic, chilli and olive oil for a quick nutritional meal.

Particularly good with asparagus, aubergine or green beans, courgettes offer countless cooking possibilities. Check out the great zucchini Just Routine Cookbook snack recipes in the Just Routine App. Offering great value as one of the cheapest vegetables at farmers’ markets and in supermarkets.

Rich in vitamins A, C and K, courgettes provide a welcome boost to the immune system, while vitamin K helps ensure blood coagulation and healthy bones. They also contain magnesium, an essential mineral proven to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, good levels of potassium (helping to lower blood pressure) and manganese, a trace mineral and nutrient, which helps the body metabolise protein and carbohydrates. Manganese is also essential to produce proline and amino acids, allowing collagen to form for healthy skin and healing.

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