Can you outsmart yourself into better eating habits?

One of the hardest parts in weight management isn’t choosing what to eat, it’s rather the mental struggle in fighting the cravings for the foods you know you shouldn’t eat. This can set you up for a battle between willpower and yearning, with willpower liable to crumble as quickly as a plate of chocolate biscuits.

Mindfulness is a strategy that can help, recognising and analysing our emotional eating to try to gain some understanding and control over this side of our character, rather than simply ignore it until it overwhelms us. After all, eating is more than about satisfying hunger; anxiety, sadness, or irritation can all set off a biscuit binge of mindless eating.

Rather that operating on automatic pilot, without paying proper attention to how we feel, emotionally or physically, more self-awareness can help us look for other better remedies to deal with stresses that can set off mindless munching.

There are similarities to the problems of dealing with addictive behaviours, but once we become aware of such triggers and patterns, the next step is finding a way to cope with cravings. By turning your attention to the feelings inspiring the cravings and practicing self-awareness, rather than letting them become automatic triggers, you will find you can ‘ride them out’ and then enjoy the satisfaction of being able to let such feelings come and go.

If you do give in to a craving, don’t despair – forgive yourself and move on. Such ‘self-acceptance’ is an important aspect of mindfulness – but equally, don’t allow this become a habit!

Make eating real food Just Routine

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