Countdown to Aronia berry season!

As the berry season gathers pace Aronia berries are coming along nicely in the UK. They will soon be in high demand. A native plant of North America, the black berries have a slightly sour taste and a great fibrous texture, while the red berries are sweeter. Best when plump, fresh and shiny, they can be kept in the fridge for up to a week. They also freeze well and apparently become sweeter when frozen naturally. Add to muffins, pancakes, porridge, crumbles and pies. Dried they are a great snack or can be added to fruit salads or cookies.

But why are these little berries so popular with those in the know?

Anthocyanins; Aronia berries are rich in anthocyanins, which according to studies have anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties, and can aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. A good source of flavonoid antioxidants, such as carotenes, lutein and zeaxanthin (great for eye health, especially as we age) while also containing vitamin A, C and E and the minerals potassium and manganese, anthocyanins also interact with other phytonutrients, so their benefits can extend even further when we consume a wide variety of fruit and vegetables.

Many studies have shown a diet high in berries can help reduce the risk of certain cancers, diabetes and neurological diseases.

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