Have you had your daily oats?

Starting the day with oatmeal has served up a healthy breakfast for countless generations across the world. Now in his late eighties, Buzz Aldrin swears by it! A much healthier option than boxed breakfast cereals, with their higher levels of sugar, oats are also incredibly versatile when it comes to preparation. With high levels of nutrition, slow energy release that will keep you going through the morning plus the benefits of fibre, it’s no wonder oats are so often referred to as a superfood.

A whole grain food, oats are one of the richest dietary sources of fibre beta-glucan, which has been linked to boosting the immune system, reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, reducing cholesterol levels and lowering the risk of diabetes.

Oatmeal offers a boost to morning energy levels as a good source of magnesium, an essential mineral important for the body’s use of glucose and insulin secretion. Incredibly cheap as well as nutritious, they provide a perfect start to the day for kids, providing young bodies and brains just what they need before heading off to school. Add a banana or blueberries plus a teaspoon of honey for a tasty breakfast treat. A Finnish study even suggests children who are introduced to oats early are less likely to develop persistent asthma.

For adults, oats can help in weight loss and weight management as their high fibre content helps us feel fuller for longer; in studies with overweight patients, placed on different diets, those who had a daily intake of oat bran lost more weight.

Eat steel-cut or rolled oats. Avoid instant oats as these often contain high levels of sugar or added sweeteners or flavours – the problem with so many boxed breakfast cereals. The less processed the oats the more fibre they contain and the more beneficial to health.

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