Lemons: reasons to love them

Lemons – no fruit offers a fresher aroma, a more zingy flavour, or is more versatile, be it in drinks or with sweet or savoury dishes.

Why to learn to love lemons:

Lemon juice is a fabulous replacement for high-sodium calorific shop bought salad dressings

Mix with olive oil, garlic or herbs for a tasty drizzle over vegetables

Lemon juice freezes well and can be used as ice cubs in water to add flavour

Just a squeeze of lemon juice can add a delightful twist to any classic chicken or fish dish and give a tangy taste to salads

Along with other citrus fruits, lemons have long been valued for their nutritious and antioxidant properties, and have many proven health benefits. An excellent source of vitamin C, which can give a boost to the immune system, while also aiding in the production of collagen, needed for healthy skin, tendons, cartilage and blood vessel health.

Quirky fact: the acid taste of lemon is due to the citric acid, a natural preservative, which can aid in dissolving kidney stones…

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