Pasta sauce: best to eat home cooked.

Who would have believed that pasta sauce would become one of the best examples of the difference between real food and processed food? Two years ago Big Food company Mars, concerned about the high levels of salt sugar and fat in their foods, warned consumers its Dolmio pasta sauce + other products should only be eaten once a week. Now researchers tell us that in comparison home-made pasta sauce, as well as being delicious, may actually be healthy for us, helping to improve the activity of probiotics in the gut, great news for boosting our health and immune system.

In fact, it may be so good that it may even be considered a ‘functional food’ – a food bringing specific health benefits, in that it may reduce chronic disease risk or otherwise optimize health. Probiotic foods, such as certain types of yogurt, kefir, or kimchi, fall into this category, now researchers from Valencia University in Spain are looking at how gut bacteria interact with antioxidants in the gut – and home-made tomato sauce is rich in antioxidants.

The results of their experiments, now published in the Journal of Functional Foods, indicate that the digestive process resulted in a loss of antioxidants, both in the case of raw and cooked (fried) tomato sauce, however they found that serving meals rich in probiotics with fried tomato sauce boosts its probiotic effect. The results once again also suggest that, when assessing foods for health benefits, it is important to consider the impact of cooking on nutritional chemical changes and how the food is digested.

The most important take – leave jars of pasta sauce on the supermarket shelf – buy tomatoes and keep it real!

Make eating real food Just Routine

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