To eat smart, shop smart!

If you want to eat healthy, cooking your own food at home is the way to guarantee the best results. After all, you are the gatekeeper of your kitchen; whatever you buy and bring home, you will likely cook and eat. This is one reason Just Routine App has a built-in shopping list; what’s the point of learning which foods are healthier options and good for weight management if you can’t then generate a list of what you need to buy?

It’s even more important when you consider that when entering a food store you need a ‘friend’ to help your resolve to combat buying urges and the marketing genius underpinning the design of grocery stores. We all know how easy it is to impulse buy and end up with more processed food than fruit and vegetables in our carts. Cravings, habits and grocery store science can all play a role in what we purchase, so the aim is to shop anywhere in the store, but use the grocery list to outline the staples that you are looking for. It’s fine to add a few ‘treats’ and ‘cheats’, but the aim should be for most the cart to be filled with nourishing options.

One useful tip: never go grocery shopping when hungry or upset, if you want to reduce the risk of impulse buying of junk. And watch out for these classic store tricks:
•    Impulse areas: Dubbed “golden zones,” the area near the checkout is often filled with grab-and-go items that feed sugar and salt cravings; the mere sight of them drives impulse purchases. They exist for one reason: profit. This is when Just Routiners must stay strong, and resist temptation.
•    Scan high and low: Companies pay a premium to get their products placed on the shelf at your eye level. You see it, you buy it. But if you scan the shelves above and below eye level, you are likely to find similar brands at lower prices, or no-name brands at a fraction of name-brand prices. It pays to look up and down.
•    Stick to the list: Many shoppers head to the store for just a few items, such as milk or bread. The dairy case is very strategically placed at the furthest corner away from the entrance, making it necessary for you to walk all of the way through the store to get the one item you need. Of course, along the way, you are bound to pick up a few things… Suddenly your list of three items has become a much more expensive shop for 25 items. Use your list to buy only what you need.

Make eating real food Just Routine

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