Why to resurrect an apple a day

Apples are the world’s most widely cultivated and consumed fruit. A ready-made snack, one medium sized apple is perfect as one of your five-a-day and an easy way to boost your health through food.

No wonder an apple a day was believed to keep the doctor away. Their benefits are reputed to include: anthocyanins, believed to inhibit cancer cell growth and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, quercetin, a flavonoid, that could aid in the prevention of cancers, such as breast and lung, the nutrient boron, which can promote bone strength and brain health. Meanwhile apple’s soluble fibre content (pectin in particular) is believed to have been shown to interact with an apple’s other phytonutrients to provide a blood fat lowering effect, further boosting cardiovascular health. And as most of an apple’s phytonutrients are concentrated in the skin, eat them right down to the core.

Broader health benefits from apples may also stem from their positive impact on our gut bacteria and the bacterial balance in the digestive tract.

Other serving suggestions/eating ideas; add diced apples to salads, cook with cabbage, or be more French and eat apples with cheese to feed your “friendly” bacteria.

Make eating real food Just Routine

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