A micro-workout to help hold onto the summer vibe


This week marks the end of the summer for most of us. Many will return from holiday tanned, relaxed and refreshed, wanting to embrace a healthier lifestyle and hold on to beach-fit bodies – or perhaps reconstruct them, if too much partying obliterated all those good intentions…

To help get everyone back on track I have put together a swift and simple workout to help you recondition before going back to the gym. A micro-workout that can be done anywhere, anytime. It’s particularly useful if you have returned to the office and find yourself ‘under-the-gun’ on the work-front. A full body routine, all you need is some free wall space, plus the stamina to finish.

The back-from-the-summer-break-micro-workout
  1. Start with a superset of 15 reps of bodyweight squats + a 30sec wall squat hold.

The wall squat must be held at parallel. Perform 3 times.

Remember – a squat is only a squat when the hips are at least parallel to the ground and your knees.

  1. Next – 90 second plank

The plank position puts nearly every muscle in the body to work. The maintenance of a neutral straight spine is essential. This is not just a core exercise, but a whole-body isometric hold. When you start failing, just squeeze those butt cheeks to help maintain a neutral spine.

  1. To pass the halfway mark – a 90 second timed set of press-ups

For the sake of speed, rather than focus on the number of reps, time is the best variable for workout efficiency. Do as many reps as possible, pacing yourself with the aim of not stopping before the full 90 seconds. The test is to maintain consistent movement across the allotted time.

  1. The final exercise – a 2minute squat

Maintaining a neutral spine, drop all the way down to the bottom of the squat and hold in the hole for 2 minutes.

Top Tip: in any workout, where time is the limiting factor, make it the main variable. If you only have ten minutes to train each day, then train for the whole ten minutes, with no rest.

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Alex is a registered Master Trainer and Nutritional Advisor with Level 4 qualifications in obesity and diabetes. He is also a strength specialist and a Ni Dan in Shotokan Karate.

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