Exercise: it’s never too late to start!

Some seventy years ago a British epidemiologist, Dr Jerry Morris, proved the link between lack of exercise and ill-health, specifically heart disease. Since then it’s been recognised that exercising regularly is the best way to keep your heart healthy. Now it’s reported that a study published in Circulation suggests it is never too late to start if you want to reduce the risk of heart failure.

The reported study involved more than 11,000 people who were part of a project that began back in the late 1980s: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study. Every six years, participants received medical testing and filled out questionnaires about their physical activity. Those who followed US federal recommendations for physical activity for the study’s first 12 years had the lowest risk of heart failure— 31% lower than people who didn’t exercise at all.

HOWEVER – by increasing physical activity around age 60, over a period of just six years people lowered their risk by 12%.

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