Lifestyle change – why, but how?

Have you ever felt cheated by dropping only a few kilos on a new diet, while your best friend lost 15kg? This is a simple example of how one solution doesn’t suit all when it comes to dealing with the complexities of weight management, never mind reducing risk of chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease, cancer or dementia. The relationship between cause and consequence for infectious diseases is pretty straightforward, but even in this realm treatment that can work for one can produce side effects for others. When dealing with weight management and associated conditions it can be even more complex.

Lifestyle change as a solution to modern medical conditions

Most of us know why we need to change; a healthier lifestyle – one based upon eating a non-processed, colourful and more vegetable-based diet; exercising daily; getting plenty of sleep; these routines support and help protect us against the wear and tear of everyday life. The question is how do we make the changes?

It’s not necessarily about the ‘right diet’, the latest fad, the most technological advancement in science, or whatever happens to be trending in social media. Awareness of what we are eating, mindfulness about our food choices, taking care to move more and making sure we sleep are all good places to start. Increasingly people are using such mechanisms to improve health and help reverse chronic diseases, but the real question can still be how?

The challenge lies in changing behaviour, which can be tough. Developing the right mindset, acquiring the right tactics, receiving encouragement – while also being held accountable in adopting change – may be what you need to help you move you toward a healthier lifestyle.

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Make eating real food Just Routine

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