Emotional eating – all about the course


Designed to help anyone suffering from the stress and anxiety caused by emotional eating, Taking the emotion out of emotional eating is hosted by Ian Thomas, a Registered Dietician and specialised health professional who has personally overcome these feelings. More importantly he has gone on to help numerous clients struggling with such thoughts and behaviours.

A course to share the methods and mindsets to make emotional eating a thing of the past

In this short but comprehensive course you will learn:

  • How to make your environment work for you.
  • Four new skills necessary for long term success.
  • Three easy steps to develop control and resilience.
  • The number one way to overcome over eating.
Take back control

By setting out a fresh approach on goal setting and ways to measure your health, the course will help set you up for positive results, whatever your situation. You will also benefit from the shared experience of working within a small, friendly group, helping each other grow and develop through the course.

Led by Ian, you will find a path to health and wellbeing unique to your situation.

Course overview:

A 4 week online course comprising 5 Group Skypes and 12 emails on 4 broad themes:

  1. Awareness: developing mindfulness and intuitive eating
  2. Planning: effective dietary planning/understanding the difference between whole and processed foods
  3. Actioning: how to change behaviours and habits
  4. Progressing: setting a path to long term success

Course Leader
Ian Thomas, BSc RD, PN1

Registered Dietitian and online weight loss coach, Ian has a background in the NHS.  A specialist in weight management, disordered eating and metabolic health, Ian brings a special dimension to No Targets Just Routine® through his experience in mentoring those who find it difficult to manage their diet. His approach is all about intuitive eating, mindfulness and forming new habits.

Ian is passionate about guiding people to a place of happiness and contentment as he helps them to deal with the complex struggle in alleviating the strains of emotional eating.

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