3 steps to help with foot and ankle problems.

The shoes of the middle-ages made us walk on the balls of our feet, much like a ballet dancer. With the arrival of heels, we started to walk heel first. This enabled an altogether easier and ‘lazier’ form of walking from the perspective of our muscles, but it also contributed to foot and ankles problems.

In the modern world, curtailed ranges of movement in the hips and knees is a common syndrome affecting runners; in many cases it can be linked to a mechanical fault with the ankles and feet. Women can be particularly susceptible, as heel cords may become shortened over time through wearing even higher heeled shoes, with the feet becoming accustomed to this angle. Most likely there will also be a fault with the arch in the foot and, due to this, the landing pattern of the individual’s foot whilst running.

Steps to help foot and ankle problems:

1. Place the palm of your foot on a small step, with your heel resting on the ground. Keeping your knee locked and leg straight, bring your body weight over your toe, feeling the stretch in your calf.

2. To stretch the heel cord, repeat as above, but bend the knee and try to bring it over your toe.

3. Either using a lacrosse ball or wind ball, place it under the sole of your foot and roll around the whole foot. As you do this press your foot onto the ball, focusing on the arch in your foot.

NOTE: If you have any serious ankle or foot mechanical faults, seek professional help.

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