Joint pain: a first step to relief.

Joint pain is a common complaint and too often many of us don’t know what to do about it. Exercise can be the last thing on people’s minds, yet movement can be an enduring solution to reducing ankle, knee, hip or shoulder pain. However, the benefits can only be achieved by working it into your daily routine. The tricky bit can be getting started, especially if you are battling joint pain. For those with serious complaints the professional advice of a personal trainer or a visit to the doctor may be required, but in most cases some regular movement can bring results.

Some ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routines

Choose a time of day that works for you, then dedicate a couple of days a week to making this the space for thirty minutes of exercise time. Or work out while watching TV. Maybe get up half an hour earlier each day for a morning workout. If thirty minutes is too daunting, try 10-minute bursts, or a 15-minute exercise session with the rest spread throughout the day.

Build movement into your daily routine. We all know we should take the stairs or maybe get off a a bus stop early to walk the last stretch to the office or home. However,  lets’ not forget to also move during late morning and afternoon. Desk workers should set their phone alarm for every hour. When it goes off, do some frog squats or hip hinges – or just stand up, stretch and walk to the water cooler. Just be sure to move – it all helps blood pump round the body. Don’t allow yourself to seize up!

Rope in a friend. Workouts with a partner can be more enjoyable, while you can help each other stay the course.

Every journey begins with a first step; taking it toward more exercise can bring rewards we don’t expect – especially for those suffering from joint pain.

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