New scientific discoveries on whole grain health benefits.

Scientists in a new study led by the University of Eastern Finland have discovered new compounds associated with whole grains which significantly improves our appreciation into why whole grain products are good for our health.

It’s known whole grains are good for us, capable of contributing to protecting us against type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. However, this study helps us better understand the cellular mechanisms through which a whole grain-rich diet impacts our bodies. It found a high intake of whole grains increased the levels of betaine compounds in the body, with this the first time many of these betaine compounds were observed in the human body.

A correlation was observed between improved glucose metabolism and increased presence of betaine compounds at the end of the 12 week study and this may prove to be just the first of many important observations and discoveries. To give some other examples – the cell level effect of one of the compounds was found to be similar to that of certain drugs used for cardiovascular diseases. Further research is required in animals and humans to verify this might really impact the function of our body – but as Dr Kati Hanhineva, Principal Investigator of the study pointed out, “In the future, we seek to analyse in greater detail the multitude of effects these new compounds can have on the human body, and we will also look into how intestinal microbes possibly contribute to the formation of these compounds,”

What better example of a new scientific discovery pointing to the huge impact on our health of what we eat.

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