Salt cravings – what it can mean and what to do.

Do you often crave salty foods such as crisps, French fries and other fast food?

Salt cravings can often be a sign of mineral deficiency, in particular calcium, magnesium and zinc. Sweating too much or exercising hard can lead to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, and as your body is trying to correct this imbalance this could lead to salt cravings. However, it could also be a way of your body trying to deal with chronic stress and burnt-out adrenal glands, while insatiable salt cravings accompanied by symptoms of exhaustion, weight loss, and skin discolouration could be a sign of Addison’s disease. If you feel you have any of these symptoms it is important to consult with your doctor.

Stress levels can be reduced through meditation, breathing, yoga and light exercise, such as going for a walk. If you have too much salt in your diet, to help restore your body’s potassium and sodium balance you can boost your intake of potassium with foods like bananas, sweet potatoes, avocado and plain yogurt. And to help cut salt intake, eat less processed foods, eat more real food and swap the salt shaker for the pepper grinder or other equally delicious spices or herbs.

When it comes to food cravings, check in with your body and listen to what it might be trying to tell you. Paying attention to and managing food cravings is both a valuable self-examination exercise as well as helping to create a little self-discipline.

Make eating real food Just Routine

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