Turkey and its amazing health benefits.

Christmas is when most of us eat turkey, yet it is a great source of nutrition in tune with our times and useful the whole year through. An incredibly efficient generator of healthy lean protein, one serving provides more than half of the body’s daily protein requirement. Delivering all B-vitamins, zinc and potassium too, it also contains trace minerals thought to aid cancer prevention, while dark turkey meat typically contains more vitamins and minerals than white turkey meat. Turkey also contains the amino acid tryptophan, this is said to be the reason of many people wanting to nap after a Christmas dinner. However, we reckon it’s has more do with the portion size of  Christmas dinner rather than the tryptophan. Eating turkey should not make you any more sleepy than eating a pork chop on an ordinary week night, as turkey does not contain enough tryptophan to cause sleepiness. To make it clear, all meats contain tryptophan.

Pasture-raised turkey can have an increased omega-3 content, while consuming skinless turkey is associated with a decreased risk of pancreatic cancer. Turkey also contains selenium, essential for the healthy function of the thyroid and immune system. Regular consumption of turkey can help lower cholesterol levels, help maintain lean muscle mass and keep insulin levels stable, due to its protein content.

At Christmas, there are no shortage of recipes to ensure a succulent and delicious result; cooking a full bird with the skin on, sealing in the natural juices, retains juiciness, while the fat from the skin will not seep into the meat. Yummy! 

Top buying tip: pick a fresh, organic and pasture-raised turkey, nurtured in humane conditions free from antibiotics.

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