What’s deadliest in America?

Most Americans are still most likely to die of natural causes, chiefly heart disease (a one in six chance) or cancer (one in seven), but a new report by the National Safety Council analysing the causes of preventable deaths in 2017 has discovered that the risk of death from falling over is not only similar to being in a car crash or suffering from an opioid overdose, but 2 ½ times more likely than suffering a deathly gun assault!

This emphasises how risky falls can be, especially as we age, even when at first glance they may not seem particularly serious. After years of consuming a poor-quality diet and too little exercise, hidden bone weakness can be exposed by simply slipping or tripping in bathrooms or kitchens. Indeed, researchers are finding that these minor falls may lead to hospitalization and a chain of events that may then result in death.

The answer: fight frailty by eating more real food and focusing on exercise to build strength, balance and co-ordination.

Make eating real food Just Routine

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