Can eating garlic and onions lower colorectal cancer risk?

Garlic and onions are ubiquitous in cooking across the globe, as well as being inherent in the Mediterranean diet, the one many food researchers consider the world’s healthiest. These vegetables are members of the allium family, another typical example being leeks. Now these cheap common everyday ingredients have been linked with a reduced risk of in colorectal cancer in a study of men and women in China.

In the study, patients of colorectal cancer were matched to healthy controls by age, sex and residential area. Demographic and dietary information were collected via face-to-face interviews, with the result that the researchers found the odds of having colorectal cancer was 79% LOWER in adults who consumed high amounts of allium vegetables, compared with those who consumed low amounts.

The researchers were confident they found a clear trend indicating the higher the consumption of allium vegetables, the better the level of protection against colorectal cancer.

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