Dear diet diary…

If you want lose weight, research shows, keeping a food diary throughout the day is the best predictor of weight loss success. However, people resist it, perhaps begging the question whether we really want to be totally honest with ourselves about what we are scoffing down? Many folks just think it is too time consuming, yet new research shows how little time it takes: on average just shy of 15 minutes a day. But it turns out the most important factor for those in the study successfully losing weight was frequency of monitoring, rather than the time spent on the process.

In the study the dietary self-monitoring habits of 142 participants was examined in an online behavioural weight control intervention. For 24 weeks, participants met weekly for an online group session led by a trained dietician, while they also logged their daily food intake online. In the process this provided a fully logged record of how much time this took.

The most successful participants lost 10 percent of their body weight and spent an average of 23.2 minutes per day on self-monitoring in the first month of the program. By month six, this had dropped to under 15 minutes. But the predictor of weight loss wasn’t time, but frequency – with those tracking their food consumption three or more times a day the most successful.

The researchers are excited as it enables people know how much time they should allocate, so reducing the stress and resistance to committing, but from my perspective the most important point remains to importance of the frequency – the best way to help set better eating habits.

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