Why it’s time to stop resisting resistance training.

New research confirms the importance of resistance training, this time looking at the significant benefits to the health of the over 65s. We have previously highlighted how lifting weights can help fight frailty, a major trigger for wider health problems as we age, as well as creating the risk of loss of independence; muscle is needed for carrying shopping bags, walking up and down the stairs or even for basic functions of hygiene. Yet this research also suggests training as little as once a week can help with improvements in blood values, muscle strength and mental well-being.

People at risk of having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood glucose, or high levels of inflammation improved the most after a 9-month training program, with training two or three times per week not providing a greater benefit than once. However, for maximum strength development, muscle growth and fat loss, training more times per week was required.

Overall well-being, tested through psychological measures, also improved over the 9-month training period, which in turn created motivation for exercise to continue after the study had ended.

So, don’t let age hold you back; train hard, train safely and make sure to master the correct technique and improve training loads. The rewards will be substantial.

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