Summer: time to pepper your tastebuds!

Whether green, yellow, orange, red, or even purple, peppers are a wonderful addition to a summer salad or perfect on a plate of crudités. Rich in vitamins C and A, sweet peppers contain a range of antioxidants, which have been associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Widely available in all sizes, in any case you can easily cut them to taste or for whatever purpose you require. As crudités, best to cut them bigger, making it easier to scoop up some hummus or tzatziki!

While sweet peppers are crunchy and mild, hot peppers — think jalapeños, serranos, and habaneros — are a whole different experience and are only for those that like a spicy hot tingle on the tongue. Hot peppers contain phytonutrients which are responsible for the spiciness. Known as capsaicinoids, these compounds may offer a number of heart-related benefits. For example, people who eat spicy foods — especially chili peppers — tend to eat less salt and have lower blood pressure. Capsaicinoids may also improve cholesterol values and blood vessel function.

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