About Us

No Targets Just Routine® simplifies the complex world of food, exercise and rest, publishing articles to share how to live a healthier life.

Whether it be through pieces by our experts, or our reporting on the substantive points of the studies we analyse from the scientific community, think tanks and charities, our mission is to:


  • communicate in an unbiased and objective manner
  • condense large bodies of technical work into bite size understandable notes
  • offer practical information through sharing the latest healthy living research
  • promote the consumption of real food

A healthy lifestyle has no targets just routine.


Founder of No Targets Just Routine®, Iris has reported on food research since 2009 and its impact on health. A dedicated campaigner against highly processed food and sceptical of the food industry, she believes we need to stop counting calories and instead focus on a varied real food diet to improve our overall wellbeing.

Her reports have been based upon the latest research and focus on the importance of variety and balance in food consumption. Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, partly educated in Sweden, the UK is now her home. The mother of two grown-up sons and grandmother to a beautiful grandson, most early mornings you can find her in the weight section of the gym.

Iris is the creator of Just Routine, the real food app. She is a firm believer that eating more real food can be a key to better long term health, with Just Routine showing how easy this can be.

Iris loves food research and mastering new skills. Read her Talented Ladies Club interview.



Registered Dietitian, celebrated author, wellness columnist for the Washington Post, Cara is also President of Words to Eat By, a nutrition communications company based in Toronto. A Registered Dietitian, member of Dietitians of Canada, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and the College of Dietitians of Ontario, she is an active food blogger, recipe developer and nutrition educator.

Author of, Nourish – Whole Food Recipes Featuring Seeds, Nuts & Beans, Cara is dedicated to educating and exciting people about nutrition. Whether it is writing fact-packed educational resources, cooking up delicious and nutritious recipes or composing entertaining articles with insights into all things food, Cara relishes in sharing the joys of healthy living.

Cara believes nutrition can make a difference in overall health and wellness, and so aims to enrich everyones understanding of food and nutrition. We can all learn to eat better and be more active!




Registered Master Trainer and Nutritional Advisor with level 4 qualifications in obesity and diabetes, Alex’s communication and motivational skills, combined with his personal experience and understanding of the challenges in addressing weight management, nutrition and all aspects of fitness, bring particular insights as well as a practical dimension to No Targets Just Routine®.

A strength specialist, he designs bespoke programs enabling individuals to achieve their physical aspirations and functional movement for their daily lives. He is also a Ni Dan in Shotokan Karate, and the creator of the proprietary food point system for the Just Routine app.

Alex’s passion is educating people about the value of fitness, strength training and correct movement in their daily lives. He believes the consumption of real food along with daily exercise is a winning combination never to be underestimated in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.




Registered Dietitian and online weight loss coach, Ian has a background in the NHS in areas such as diabetes, frailty and public speaking. He believes nutrition recommendations should be based on sound scientific evidence when available and uses mindfulness and behaviour science to help people achieve sustained improvements to their health.

A specialist in weight management, disordered eating and metabolic health, Ian brings a special dimension to No Targets Just Routine® through his experience in mentoring those who find it difficult to manage their diet. His approach is all about intuitive eating, mindfulness and forming new habits.

Ian is passionate about guiding people to a place of happiness and contentment.




CEO of No Targets Just Routine®, Peter has been championing independent research for fifteen years. Discovering the truth about highly processed food and its link to chronic disease his focus became the promotion of better health and wellness through daily exercise and the consumption of real food. Responsible for the CSR out-reach programme, an occasional columnist and writer on public policy in this field, Peter is also developing an eco-system of like minded organisations to promote healthier lifestyles.

Education and previous roles: An Oxford law graduate, former Chairman of Euro IRP – the European Association of Independent Research Providers – and Managing Director of Lombard Street Research, he has also been a Publisher with Euromoney Institutional Investor and a Vice President and Director of Royal Bank of Canada Global Markets.


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