Corporate Wellness

A team of experts to provide corporate wellbeing solutions

Our team of seasoned professionals can help businesses, large or small
Choose from a range of topics that will both entertain and educate employees of all ages

Impact topics

  • How to combat stress eating

  • Controlling blood sugars throughout the day


  • Meal prep and cooking ideas for boosting energy levels

  • Flexibility and mobility for joint health

  • Posture: upper-back pain causes and solutions

  • Gut health

  • An analysis of Nootropics

  • Sleep: mechanisms to tap its restorative properties

How we do it


  • Corporate “Lunch ‘n’ Learn” sessions – in person or via webinar
  • Ready-made PowerPoint presentations
  • Cognitive incentive programmes
  • Custom-made nutrition presentation on specific topics:
    • heart health
    • nutrition for cancer prevention
    • nutrition and menopause, or whatever issues are needed.

Our approach

It’s all about your company, as no two organisations are the same.
We take time to understand your needs to outline an agenda supplying the most effective solutions.
We will ensure you are provided with an expert appropriate to your needs.
For more information and to book an appointment email


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