Lifestyle choices dominate our health and well-being. Our daily routines, from the food we eat to the exercise and rest we take, can have an impact on our health. Our aim is to help simplify what has become a complex and often confusing world of advice to explain why and how to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

There are almost countless papers and debates in the arena of wellness, relating to food, sleep and exercise. No Targets Just Routine’s thoughts are guided by the direction most experts are increasingly agreed upon:

  • eat more real food
  • exercise daily
  • get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is vital for health and should never be overlooked in a healthy lifestyle. Sleep deficiency has been linked to Alzheimer’s, cancer, obesity and diabetes. To strengthen or rebuild your immune system and for general wellness and vitality, embrace the nurturing power of sleep.

Exercise is a silver bullet for a better quality of life, with no right or wrong type of exercise and no right or wrong time of day or time of life to exercise. Include resistance training in your fitness routine at least twice a week to maintain muscle and develop better control of your body.

When it comes to real food, we mean food with minimal processing and refining, maximising nutrition from natural ingredients rather than artificial substances. Another ingredient to healthier eating, and one that we encourage, is home cooking.

Note: A great deal of food research now points to what we eat being more important than simply calories consumed or energy burned. We have added links to some articles from the world of research as a useful starting point for anyone interested in further reading. Click on the titles below:

  1. There’s no sugar-coating it: All calories are not created equal – Harvard Health Publications
  2. It is time to stop counting calories, and time instead to promote dietary changes that substantially and rapidly reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality – BMJ Journals
  3. The Best Diet: Quality Counts – Harvard T. H. Chan School Of Public Health
  4. Are All Calories Equal? – Harvard Magazine


This research is part of the foundation of Just Routine™, the real food app.

Designed to help people make better food choices, its focus is the promotion of real food – foods that can help protect the body, rather than foods that risk damaging it – aiming to spark mindfulness in people about what they eat.


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